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“Hidden Village with Rich Nature and Culture” - Welcome to Hitoyoshi ~Activites~

Onsen Discovery editorial here, how are you? ♪

In the last episode of Hitoyoshi Onsen series is...

We’ll introduce popular activities

Here in Hitoyoshi,

we want to make the best of this beautiful environment that’s full of nature.


First off, the classic, 100-year-old Kumagawa Kudari

(Kuma river boat tour).


Reference: www.kumamotonavi.jp

Highlight of this tour is the view from the boat,

and for the most of all, the steering technique of the captain

This traditional wooden boat without electric motor entirely depends its destiny on the captain’s steering skill!



You can pick your journey from different courses by its speed and length, so it’s fun for anybody regardless of their age.



If you’re lucky, you might be able to see cherry blossoms in spring,

or the colorful leaves in autumn from the boat.

All tours require reservations and the availability may vary depending on the weather/season, so we’d suggest that you call-in first.


See more info on Kumagawa Kudari:



Looking for even more excitement?

Then we recommend white water rafting.

It’s available during summer (May through October), and the 

reservation is a must.


You need to be in wetsuits to do this or you’ll be sorry for being soaking wet!

(rental suits are usually included in the tour package).

And of course, don’t forget to wear a life jacket!


Rafting on the day after the rainy day gets thrilling since it flows faster.

Again, you can choose your favorite tour from options available such as

a half-day or a whole day tour.


See More info on Kumagawa rafting


(Websites available in English, Chinese and Korean).


If you want to try something new, how about a "SUP"(SUP:Stand-Up Paddle)?



See more info on River SUPhttp://acs-compass.com/riversup/


More activities available like river snorkeling,

and simply jumping into the river off the cliff...etc

Having fun in Kuma river will make you feel like you’re kid again☆


Hitoyoshi certainly was the ”Hidden village” full of treasures, wasn't it?

Thanks for Discovering Hitoyoshi Onsen with us!

We'll see you at our next Discovery :)