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“Hidden Village with Rich Nature and Culture” – Welcome to Hitoyoshi ~Food~ part 2


Onsen Discovery editorial here, how are you? ♪

For some of you who are not keen on alcohol, let's Discover some more goodies of Hitoyoshi besides shochu.

In Hitoyoshi, eels are another can’t-miss food.

Many Japanese food fans from different countries such as Taiwan and China come and visit this place.


People queuing for Uemura Unagi-ya

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At this restaurant, they cook eels fresh out of the water after receiving orders. (Expect more wait until your order is ready.)

But the taste is definitely worth the long wait!


Uemura Unagi-ya

Address: 129 Koyamachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto, Japan

Phone: +81-966-22-3312

Open: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Last call 2:45 PM)

   5:00 PM - 9:00 PM(Last call 8:45 PM)

Access: 10 min walk from JR Hitoyoshi Station or

    15 min drive (about 3km) from Hitoyoshi IC via Prefectural Route 54

Holiday: Irregular


We also found this little lunch box. So cute!


Reference: http://www.tabirai.net/sightseeing/column/0000130.aspx

Kuri-meshi (Rice with sweet chestnuts) 1100 yen

Sweet chestnuts is another specialty of Hitoyoshi.

It has been a popular home-cooked dish in this area.

If you are lucky, you might be able to meet this gentleman who has been standing here selling homemade lunch boxes for 45 years!


Reference: http://www.tabirai.net/sightseeing/tatsujin/0000018.aspx


By the way, these lunch boxes you find at the stations are called "ekiben".

(eki = station, ben (bento) = lunch box)

Many people like to buy ekiben while traveling on a train.

We can say this already became a part of Japanese culture.

Popular ekiben ranking: https://retrip.jp/articles/2840/


Ekiben is full of goodies from the local area.

You can find ekiben at any major stations,

so try ekiben next time you travel with Railpass!


One more thing you must see while in Hitoyoshi is

"SL Hitoyoshi"!


Reference: http://kakuresatonoyu.jp/kankou.html

Look how cool it is!

SL Hitoyoshi is operated between Kumamoto Station and Hitoyoshi Station via JR Hisatsu Line.

It runs as a seasonal train towed by the old steam locomotive.


After almost 20 years of its operation since 1998,

SL Hitoyoshi was remodeled and now runs for new generations of local people and tourists.


More info about SL Hitoyoshi:



Let's have ekiben

while watching the landscape go by from your train window♪


***Where to buy***

JR Hitoyoshi Station

Address: 300 Nakaaoimachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto, Japan

Open: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM


How about trying some local snacks?f:id:fbi-staff:20161011102511j:plain


Misoman (86 yen/piece)



It has a soft texture like steamed buns with a sweet filling mixed with Japanese Miso inside.

Can you taste Miso in the sweet bun?


***Where to buy***


Address: 17 Koyamachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto, Japan

Phone: +81-966-22-2078

Open: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Holiday: Sundays



We are going to Discover subculture of Hitoyoshi next time.

Don’t miss it!