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“Hidden Village with Rich Nature and Culture” - Welcome to Hitoyoshi ~Food~ part 1

Onsen Discovery editorial here, how are you? ♪


To find out a sake that goes well with Ayu, today we are here at one of the sake breweries in the central area of Hitoyoshi!

Sengetsu Shuzo represents sake brewers in Hitoyoshi and Kuma area, producing world-class Japanese distilled spirits, Rice Shochu.


Reference: official website http://www.sengetsu.co.jp/kurakengaku/index.html


Here is a question.

What is the difference between sake and shochu?

Well, even Japanese people might find it difficult to explain properly…

The simple answer is:


Sake is brewed spirits.(①)

Shochu is distilled spirits. (②)


①Brewed spirits: liquor made from grains and fruits.

It is alcoholic fermented, adding Aspergillus oryzae and yeast to ingredients.

Example: Rice→Fermentation→Sake, Malt→Fermentation→Beer


②Distilled spirits: liquor after distilled

Example: Sake→Distillation→Shochu, Beer→Distillation→Whiskey


Reference: http://food-drink.pintoru.com/shochu/shochu-sake-difference/


It's good for you to know!

In this place, you can have a tour of seeing the production process of shochu.

You can also learn the difference of various kinds of sake.


Reference: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/pingupinga1091/55095689.html



Of course, they offer sake tasting as well♪♪

Why don’t you visit and explore the brewery?


Special pottery for shochu made in Hitoyoshi and Kuma area is quite unique and original.

Here are gara and choku.


Reference: http://www.sengetsu.co.jp/gougai/n110610.html

The big one on the left is called gara.

You can pour shochu in it and heat it on a direct fire.

The small cups on the right are called choku, cups for drinking shochu.

Heating shochu in this gara brings the nice aroma and the mild flavor of shochu.


You may find some cute choku like this.


Reference: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/hakutake-denshohgura/10000063/

Here is another kind of choku, called sorakyu.


Reference: http://jp.kumashochu.or.jp/page0100.html


This looks interesting.

The bottom part is pointed and no way to put it on the table…

That means, you can’t rest it on the table until you clear up your cup!

Doesn't it show how much people loved sake?


So, what do you think?

Didn’t this make you feel like trying Hitoyoshi’s rice shochu?

We will Discover more of Hitoyoshi food from standard to niche next time☆

Don’t miss it!