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Mysterious beauty - famous boy from Amakusa(Amakusa Vol.4 - finale -)

Onsen Discovery editorial here, how are you? ♪


It’s our final episode of Amakusa!

First of all, have you ever heard about Amakusa’s legendary boy

who was mysterious yet beautiful✨ ?


In our last episode, We’ll Discover the boy called ”Amakusa Shiroh” .


When Japanese hear a word Amakusa, the first thing comes up for many people’s mind is “Amakusa Shiroh”. It’s one of the topics you won’t miss if you’re in schools and taking history classes in Japan.

I wouldn’t go ahead into the details like their history classes,

but here’s the brief summary: 


Being a Christian in Edo period, he was the key person in “Shimabara no Lan” (Shimabara Rebellion) who was born and raised in Kami Amakusa.

On top of the harsh render upon poor peasants, persecution against Catholics in the area including Amakusa Shiro caused them to stand up for themselves express their furious anger.

Shimabara Rebellion in details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shimabara_Rebellion


There, Amakusa Shiro wasn’t just an ordinary leader, he had an mysterious power, allegedly. Examples of his legendary episode tell us that...


“He walked on Amakusa’s sea”, or

“The bird never even moved to get away when he snapped the tree branch which the bird was on”, or

“He cured the blind girl just by touching” and so on...


It’s hard to believe...right ❕❔

But his mysteriousness probably could not be completed without

his particularly beautiful appearance💋



Unfortunately, today we can only imagine how beautiful he was,

but there’s no wonder in which people admired him now and then😃


Some say his mysterious beauty and power was used to create the sense of devotion between people to raise the rebellion and backed him up to become the leader.


While his bold impression and mysterious story still remain legendary today,

it was made into movies and plays❕❕

Makai Tensho (English title: Samurai Reincarnation) preview ver. in 1981



 [Reference:http://yokaihenge.web.fc2.com/as3.html ]


So what did you think of the mysterious, and beautiful boy existed in history of Amakusa?

Can’t it be more exciting to let your imagination grow over a handsome boy who’s far from modern?




Well, this story wraps our Amakusa episodes, thanks for following!

Wasn’t Amakusa wonderful?!

If you get a chance, it’s definitely worth a visit 🚀


We’ll be Discovering new Onsen on the next update.

Don’t miss it♪