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Beauty of natural monument! Hold on, it looks like...?! (Amakusa Onsen Vol.3)

Onsen Discovery editorial here, how are you? ♪


Here goes our story #3 on Amakusa!

After spending happy time with dolphins, how about...

Discovering “Myouken Ura”, the beautiful scenery of a southern island?


Myouken Ura is a local symbolic beach/reef also designated as national natural monument which developed on the coast of Amakusa Nada.



While it’s famous for having uniquely shaped rocks and caves such as

Myouken Dokutsu (cave), the most famous of all would definitely be...

Myouken Iwa !!


You can see it from Jusanbutsu Park.

See, the little rock in the middle of the picture?



When you get even closer...

Yes, now you see it! Look familiar with that animal ?? 


[Reference] http://tomoblogcozy.blog18.fc2.com/blog-entry-226.html


...That’s right!   An elephant !!

She looks like she’s walking on the beach☆


Now you spotted the elephant, can you also find... a crane ?


This is called “Shiratsuru Hama” which literally means

“a white crane beach” since the shape of this beach from Jusanbutsu park looks like

a crane spreading its wings.


Shiratsuru Hama Beach is a fantastic beach which is chosen as one of

Japan’s 100 best swimming spots  because of

its water clarity and beauty of the white sand beach.


You can enjoy not only swimming but also camping

at the designated area next to the beach.

It's a popular spot for surfers, too!


If you get tired after having fun at the beach,

you can always go back to Onsen to get yourself charged back again♪



◆Find out more about Myouken Ura and Shiratsuru Hama

    at official sightseeing website below:


Myouken Ura (National natural monument/scenic spot) - Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association

Shitatsuru Hama Beach (Ai no Misaki camping site - Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association



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