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Never too hot for Summer! Fascinating Onsen resorts in Amakusa☆ Vol. 1

Hello, this is an OD editorial staff, I hope you’re well♪


Our very first topic & story after the official relaunch is...

”Relaxing Onsen Resort for Summer”


Onsen feels great in chilly weather for sure, but...how about an Onsen that gifts us

with a tropical atmosphere and comfort of Onsen at the same time?


Well then, let’s Discover; "Tenshi no Hashigo" by Hotel Ryugu,

meanining "A ladder of Angels" in Amakusa, located in Kumamoto, Kyushu.


This Onsen resort promises the guests that they receive the full experience of

the natural hot springs of Amakusa.

Not only all of their rooms have open-air bath, but guests can also enjoy a bath

with a fantastic view, even few different types of private baths.


 [Reference: official website] http://www.ryugu.net/hotspring/


Feeling out of this world looking out the sea while relaxing in the bath.f:id:fbi-staff:20160816160312p:plain

[Reference: official website] http://www.tenshinohashigo.jp/room/


Enjoy the wonderful scenery from the modern guest room.


[Reference: official website] http://www.tenshinohashigo.jp/room/type_c/


This is a private bath named "Go no Yu".

Can you believe this bath, it’s all floored with Tatami mats both inside and out!!

It may be hard to see in this picture, but you can feel the openness seeing the sea just outside the window.


View from the guest room. It surely will help unwind your mind♥


For the last but not least, imagine the sunset from here!


 ◆Get more info on "Tenshi no Hashigo" here♪

Hotel with private in-room bath in Asakusa - Hotel Ryugu "Tenshi no Hashigo"


 [Reference: official website] www.tenshinohashigo.jp


◆See here for general info about Amakusa♪/p>

Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association

English version: Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association



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